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Buckwheat, Organic

$ 90.00 - $ 218.00

Certified organic.

Buckwheat is actually a member of the rhubarb family.
Nutritionally buckwheat resembles wheat. Rich in iron, B vitamins and calcium, buckwheat flour is also gluten free and can be used like a grain. Made into a flour, it has a strong grainy flavour and is best used in pancakes, waffles, noodles, breads and cakes. 

Best when combined with wheat and/or rye flour.
People with wheat allergies can eat buckwheat.

For cooking/baking use buckwheat groats (1). Buckwheat husks (2) can be used to fill pillows. Unfortunately, we don't have Buckwheat husks available at present and it is not clear if we will get any this season (2015) at all. If you are interested you can send us an email to let us know that you wish to be on our buckwheat husk list. We would send you a note once the husks become available. 

Please note: Due to high demand there is currently a waiting time for about 2 months for buckwheat groats.

Variations of this product

  • $ 90.00 NZD
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  • $ 218.00 NZD
    Delivery: 6–8 weeks