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Buckwheat, Organic

$ 90.00 - $ 218.00

Certified organic.

Buckwheat is actually a member of the rhubarb family.
Nutritionally buckwheat resembles wheat. Rich in iron, B vitamins and calcium, buckwheat flour is also gluten free and can be used like a grain. Made into a flour, it has a strong grainy flavour and is best used in pancakes, waffles, noodles, breads and cakes. 

Best when combined with wheat and/or rye flour.
People with wheat allergies can eat buckwheat.

For cooking/baking use buckwheat groats (1). Buckwheat husks (2) can be used to fill pillows. The husks are only available for a short time (roughly around Feb to Apr).  


Please note: Due to high demand there is currently a waiting time for about 2 months for buckwheat groats.

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  • $ 90.00 NZD
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  • $ 218.00 NZD
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