Dear Customer,

Whole grains are an essential part of human nutrition. They not only give us the sustaining energy to carry out our daily lives, but are also packed with fibre, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes needed by our bodies to maintain good health.

To get the most out of grains it is essential to eat them fresh and in their whole form. In commercial production grains are stripped of their husks and most outer fibrous matter. They are then milled by industrial machines, which often expose the grains to high temperatures, destroying valuable enzymes and fragile germ oils.

This is not the way it has to be! Our mills and flakers grind or crush grains without adverse heat, thus preserving their goodness.

We specialise in manual and electric grain flakers and flour mills from Schnitzer and Eschenfelder of Germany. Our mills are designed for domestic household however we can get industrial mills for commercial use if required.

We wish you happy milling and good health.