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    Wooden Grain Scoop Sale!

    Beautifully crafted from wood, these little grain or flour scoops make a wonderful gift. Please note: Currently available scoops look sightly different than in the picture and don't have any writing on them.
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    Commonly known as brotformen, bread forms, proofing baskets or bread moulds, bannetons are used for the final rising of the dough (also called the final proofing). They are made from rattan cane and the form of the basket’s coils and flour dusting provide a beautiful shape and finish for a...
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    Flour Sieve

    Perfect for sifting flour or removing bran if a finer, whiter flour is desired.
  • $ 80.00

    Grain Storage

    Grain should be stored under dry, cool and ventilated conditions. The grain storage bag is made out of cotton and protects its content against pests like moths and bugs. The wooden opening system is selfsealing. Taking out grain can be done single handed very easily.
  • $ 29.00

    Sprouting dish

    Growing green shoots made easy!   Spread soaked seeds (e.g. wheat, cress, rocket...) onto the stainless steel sieve and rinse twice daily. The roots will hold the little greens in place. The 12cm round dishes are available in white or blue.