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    Wooden Grain Scoop Sale!

    Beautifully crafted from wood, these little grain or flour scoops make a wonderful gift. Please note: Currently available scoops look sightly different than in the picture and don't have any writing on them.
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    What's in Your Food? Sale!

    What’s in Your Food? lists over 800 of the most common chemical additives found in your food and personal products. Alphabetical lists (no E-numbers) and a simple rating system make it easy to find the name, origin, use, and possible side effects of prolonged consumption of each additive. Paperback, 246...
  • $ 85.00

    The Bread Baker's Apprentice

    Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread “A bread baker, like any true artisan or craftsman, must have the power to control outcomes,” says Peter Reinhart, author of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. “Mastery comes with practice.” As in many arts, you must know and understand the rules before you can break...
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    Prescription for Nutritional Healing Sale!

    Prescription for Nutritional Healing is a bestselling guide to holistic health. Part One lists and explains the most commonly available types of nutrients, food supplements, and herbs. Part Two describes nearly 300 disorders and problems and identifies the supplements that can be used to combat these conditions. Part Three is...
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    Healing with Whole Foods Sale!

    Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition By Paul Pitchford | 3rd Edition | Paperback Used as a reference by students of acupuncture, this is a hefty, truly comprehensive guide to the theory and healing power of Chinese medicine. It’s also a primer on nutrition—including facts about green foods, such as spirulina...
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    Grano - Electric flour mill Sale!

    For those needing higher output we have the Schnitzer Grano. This mill comes in a beautifully finished, linseed-oiled beech wood housing, with a choice of a solid wood or stainless steel hopper. The millstones are constructed from two natural materials: corundum bound in ceramic. The stones are easily adjusted for...
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    Gluten - Free Baking Classics Sale!

    This expanded second edition has more than 40 new recipes you’re sure to love, including cinnamon rolls, gingerbread men, doughnuts, fresh pasta, and buttermilk pancakes, along with the many breakthrough recipes of the first edition. Enjoy cakes and muffins as light as those made with wheat Perfect pie and tart...
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    Felder - manual flaker Sale!

    The Eschenfelder Hand Flaker is designed to freshly flake or role grains such as oats, quinoa, wheat, rye, spelt (dinkel), barley, buckwheat etc. Some grains flake better than others and dryer grains crumble more into a coarse flour than a true flake. It can also flake seeds such as flaxseed...
  • $ 550.00

    Country - manual flour mill Sale!

    The robust Schnitzer Country is an exquisitely designed manual flour mill. The heavy-duty millstones, moulded from Naxos basalt in magnesite, are mounted on a sturdy steel tower that is attractively dressed with an oiled timber panel. A stainless steel shaft augers the grain from a large stainless steel hopper. The...
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    BREAD: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes Sale!

    BREAD contains 118 detailed, step-by-step recipes for an array of breads – versatile sourdough ryes; numerous breads made with pre-ferments; and simple, straight dough loaves. Recipes for brioche, foccacia, pizza dough, flat breads, and a complete chapter on decorative breads will inspire magnificient creations. Each recipe clearly outlines the key...