• $ 550.00

    Country - manual flour mill Sale!

    The robust Schnitzer Country is an exquisitely designed manual flour mill. The heavy-duty millstones, moulded from Naxos basalt in magnesite, are mounted on a sturdy steel tower that is attractively dressed with an oiled timber panel. A stainless steel shaft augers the grain from a large stainless steel hopper. The...
  • from $ 899.00

    Grano - Electric flour mill Sale!

    For those needing higher output we have the Schnitzer Grano. This mill comes in a beautifully finished, linseed-oiled beech wood housing, with a choice of a solid wood or stainless steel hopper. The millstones are constructed from two natural materials: corundum bound in ceramic. The stones are easily adjusted for...
  • $ 1,290.00

    Vario - Electric flour mill and flaker

    The Schnitzer Vario provides the unique combination of flaking and grinding which is ideal for larger families or health food stores. The Vario has a beautiful beech wood housing protected with a linseed oil coating, and a choice of either a solid wood or stainless steel hopper. It has fully...
  • $ 80.00

    Grain Storage

    Grain should be stored under dry, cool and ventilated conditions. The grain storage bag is made out of cotton and protects its content against pests like moths and bugs. The wooden opening system is selfsealing. Taking out grain can be done single handed very easily.
  • from $ 100.00

    Cerealo - Electric flour mill

    The Schnitzer Cerealo is an electric mill with the option to quickly exchange the milling chamber - making it ideal for people who would like to separate glutinous from gluten-free grains. The Cerealo can be used to grind grains or seeds from the size of millet to the size of...