• $ 496.90

    Country - manual flour mill

    The robust Schnitzer Country is an exquisitely designed manual flour mill. The heavy-duty millstones, moulded from Naxos basalt in magnesite, are mounted on a sturdy steel tower that is attractively dressed with an oiled timber panel. A stainless steel shaft augers the grain from a large stainless steel hopper. The...
  • $ 323.90

    Campo - manual flaker

    The Campo is designed to freshly flake or role grains such as oats, quinoa, wheat, rye, spelt (dinkel), barley, buckwheat etc. Some grains flake better than others and dryer grains crumble more into a coarse flour than a true flake. It can also flake seeds such as flaxseed (linseed), sunflower...
  • $ 208.90

    Manus - manual flour mill

    The Schnitzer MANUS is a robust small manual flour mill. A wooden hopper feeds the grain to the heavy-duty millstones . The MANUS is easy to operate and will supply the desired amount of flour or cereal without great effort. This mill has an adjustable coarseness selection feature – which...
  • $ 80.00

    Grain Storage

    Grain should be stored under dry, cool and ventilated conditions. The grain storage bag is made out of cotton and protects its content against pests like moths and bugs. The wooden opening system is selfsealing. Taking out grain can be done single handed very easily.