$ 32.00 - $ 38.90

Commonly known as Brotformen, bread forms, proofing baskets or bread moulds, bannetons are used for the final rising of the dough (also called the final proofing).

They are made from rattan cane and the form of the basket’s coils and flour dusting provide a beautiful shape and finish for a traditional hearth loaf.

To use, simply dust the banneton with flour and place the kneaded dough in the basket for the final proofing.
If your dough is very moist and sticky roll it in a bowl with coarsly ground flour to cover it with a dry layer prior to placing it into the bannetons.

Once sufficiently risen, turn out the dough gently onto your baking tray and bake with the top side down so the rings are on on the top of the baked loaf.

You do not use a couch or baking cloth and it’s important to note that you DO NOT bake the bread in the bannetons. They are purely for proofing the dough.

These really make a difference to the final baked loaf and help create a wonderful looking (and tasting!) loaf.

Approximate dimensions


0.75kg: 7cm high x 21cm diameter 

1kg: 9cm high x 25cm diameter


05kg 7cm high x 14cm wide x 20cm long

0.75 kg: 8cm high x 14cm wide x 26cm long

1kg: 8cm high x 14cm wide x 31cm long

Long Slim - Small Baguette type

6cm high x 9cm wide x 34cm long

Variations of this product

  • Currently Unavailable - Oval Slim (Baguette size)
  • Currently Unavailable - Round Small (for 0.75kg loaf)
  • Currently Unavailable - Oval Small (for 0.75kg loaf)
  • Currently Unavailable - Round Medium (for 1kg loaf)
  • Currently Unavailable - Oval Medium (for 1kg loaf)
  • Currently Unavailable - Oval Mini (for 0.5kg loaf) - SPECIAL with cotton liner!