Cerealo 125 - Electric flour mill

$ 113.90 - $ 720.00

The Schnitzer Cerealo is an electric mill with the option to quickly exchange the milling chamber - making it ideal for people who would like to separate glutinous from gluten-free grains.

The Cerealo can be used to grind grains or seeds from the size of millet to the size of corn into either flour, or coarsely ground or crack grains, all at a low milling temperature.

A beautiful beech wood multiplex housing - protected with linseed oil - houses a small but powerful industrial quality vertically-mounted 360W motor. The stones are easily adjusted for fine and coarse settings by rotating the hopper. Millstones are constructed of two natural materials: corundum bound in ceramic that is exceptionally hard and totally inert.


A second milling chamber is available separately. The package includes a shoot insert, a second set of stones, an allen key and a brush for cleaning.


Technical data

  • Grinding performance: Fine 125g/min, Coarse 300g/min - (1 cup of flour ~ 150g)
  • Grain types: Suitable for all grains the size of millet to the size of corn
  • Flour fineness: 82% less than 0.3mm
  • Width: 15cm
  • Depth: 15cm
  • Height: 33cm
  • Weight: 7.1kg
  • Hopper Capacity: 1000g
  • Motor: 240V | 300W

    Variations of this product

    • Currently Unavailable - Wooden Hopper
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