Dinkel / Spelt, Organic

$ 208.00

Certified organic. New Zealand grown.

Spelt (Triticum spelta) is a hexaploid species of wheat. Spelt was an important staple in parts of Europe from the Bronze Age to medieval times; it now survives as a relic crop in Central Europe and has found a new market as a health food.

Spelt contains about 57.9 percent carbohydrates (excluding 9.2 percent fibre), 17.0 percent protein and 3.0 percent fat, as well as dietary minerals and vitamins. As it contains a moderate amount of gluten, it is suitable for baking.

In Germany, the unripe spelt grains are dried and eaten as Grünkern, which literally means “green grain”. Originally, this was done because of the risk loosing the harvest due to bad weather conditions towards the end of the season. However, different machinery is needed to harvest and process the grain. We are not aware of anyone producing "Grünkern" in New Zealand.

Spelt is closely related to common wheat, and is not suitable for people with celiac disease. Some people with wheat allergy or wheat intolerance tolerate spelt.

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