Country - manual flour mill

$ 573.50

The robust Schnitzer Country is an exquisitely designed manual flour mill.

The heavy-duty millstones, moulded from Naxos basalt in magnesite, are mounted on a sturdy steel tower that is attractively dressed with an oiled timber panel. A stainless steel shaft augers the grain from a large stainless steel hopper. The COUNTRY is easy to operate and will supply the desired amount of flour or cereal without great effort.

This mill has an adjustable coarseness selection feature – which is easily adjusted with a turn of the adjustment knob – enabling you to produce a wide range of ground product from fine flour for baking, to coarse ground or cracked grains for cereals. The self sharpening stones enable coarse grinding of oily seeds, or fine ground oily seeds when ground on a 1:1 ratio with wheat or rye. They can be used to grind your choice of grains or seeds as small as amaranth through to the size of corn. This mill may be motorised in a variety of ways and, in fact, we have seen it mounted on a stationary bicycle for peddle-power milling!

A strong clamp is built into the foot of the tower so it may be fixed to a bench or table top. The stainless steel hopper sets if off nicely and the ergonomically designed handle allows ease of operation relative to the chosen grade of flour that is produced.

Grinding Output: 65–130g/min @ approx. 80rpm (1 cup of flour ~ 150g)
Suitable Grains: All grains including corn

Dimensions & Weight

  • Width: 17cm
  • Height: 47cm
  • Depth: 36cm
  • Weight: 10.5 kg
  • Hopper Capacity: 1kg

Variations of this product

  • Currently Unavailable - Metal Hopper